Our Values
The Home Growers values stream from our integrity to Nature. Nature is an ever-giving source if given the proper respect she deserves.

Through extensive Ingenuity, Science & research, alternative gardening methods have been made available. We take pride in sharing as much knowledge in these methods as possible so that we can start being accountable for our own health and environmental circumstances.

Our Vision
Through Hybrid gardening methods it is possible to create a reliable source of food sustainability, dependent on each individual’s needs.
Hydroponics & Aeroponics make use of an astoundingly less amount of water to grow produce than traditional gardening. In a water scarce country, this creates opportunities for individuals living in harsh environments and with less access to water, to grow their own food. These systems can be installed urban environments removing the obstacles of varying weather conditions and space restrictions. Your plants are raised and therefore pesticides are not needed, ensuring additional health benefits.
Our Mission
Our mission is to assist our communities in their high unemployment rates, while simultaneously creating food security by encouraging home growing and uplifting South Africa’s most vulnerable.

In turn our nation will benefit from a more healthy produce and at the same time saving our nations scarce water resources as well as combatting climate change.