Frost Guard for your Garden with homegrowers

It takes one bad frost to harm even the hardiest vegetables in your winter garden .  There are several ways to protect plants when you know the temperatures are going to take a dive.

Its a great idea to plant a variety of winter-loving vegetable varieties such as cabbage, kale, broccoli, peas and lettuce. However, even these hardy plants can succumb to the frost.


Frost occurs when there’s little cloud cover or wind conditions. Soil cools very fast and all the cold air will sink. This is the point where the temperature drops below freezing (0°C). Water vapor will settle on the leaves, freeze and form white crystals which rupture cells damaging the plants.


Frost protection is all about preventing heat loss by covering your plants, HomeGrowers stocks only the best Frost Covers to ensure your plants are warm and safe this winter. Make sure to cover your herbs, veg, trees, and bushes this winter, the frost is on the way!

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